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Bad Food is Telling you to EAT!

Study says Junk food messes with your mind!
Too much junk food makes you averse to healthy food.

The study:
This one was done on what researchers call “highly palatable, high-fat foods” (i.e. junk food) and what happens to the brain when your diet is packed with it. The researchers found that the junk food actually made test subjects uninterested in consuming other, more nutritious food.

This line from the abstract stood out the most: “Obesogenic diets may have an impact upon neurocircuitry involved in motivated control of behavior.”

What can this tell us? Not that people who are overweight have a lack of control but it’s that their brains are hijacked! They sense that they HAVE to eat that crap food and don’t want other food that is nutritionally dense for them because of consuming the bad food!

So what can you do? Get on a clean eating program so you don’t have the bad food in the first place and realize that when you have bad food and want more it’s your brown tricking you into eating bad food, not that you actually need it!


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