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Corporate Health

Joey ThurmanDo you have a company and want your employees to be happier, healthier, more productive, miss less days, and improve your bottom line?! If so Joey Thurman and The Lifestyle Renovation Team can help!

The ever increasing healthcare cost in this country is staggering with the average employee using $1581 in prescription medication every year and $227 billion dollars in lost productivity ( due to sick days and other health related factors that could have been otherwise prevented.

I’m Joey Thurman, fitness and nutrition professional, Certified Corporate Fitness Nutrition Expert, and an ambassador with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association. I have been featured on many different media outlet’s including ABC’s Windy City Live, Fox’s Good Day Chicago, WCIU, WGN, US Health News and Reports, People Magazine, and many more. For over 10 years, I’ve been helping my clients reach their health goals by finding a fitness plan they can actually stick to. I’ve created a program, The Lifestyle Renovation to help your employees feel better, work harder, miss less work, and more importantly improve your bottom line!

I will consult with you and your employees to custom create a health and wellness program for sustainable results!

The Lifestyle Renovation will provide your employees with a fitness plan that includes:

  • Daily Videos with instruction
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Calorie Tracker
  • Exercise journal
  • Motivational strategies
  • My direct email address for personalized advice
  • This is only a short list of what can be done to help the health culture in your company!

If you would like more information about setting up a health and wellness program for your company, a health seminar, team building, or anything else health and fitness related please contact me.

Corporate Testimonials

"Joey, I cannot thank you enough on behalf of my employees who have benefited greatly from your presentation at our company. You encouraged so many to join a gym and get into a better place physically (and mentally). One of my employees credits that single session with inspiring her to save her own life by working out and joining a gym. She is a completely different person now, in less than a year. I have known her for over 20 years and have never seen her this vibrant. Thank you for coming to her rescue!"
David Gupta
President / System Development.Integration LLC
"I met Joey 5 years ago. When I first met him I was 44 years old, weighed 175 pounds and had not worked out for over two years due to two herniated discs. Over the years Joey has taught me that strictly “working out” is not going to change my body in the best way possible. Joey has gotten me to realize that I needed to make a mental change first, and follow that by a complete lifestyle change in order to achieve my goals. After focusing my mind, nutrition, and lifestyle I am in the best shape of my life (even better than when I was in high school playing year round soccer)! Joey has come in to work with my company, evaluated our fitness facilities, gives healthy tips to employees, and provides motivation to a workplace that needs a pick me up every now and then! If you want your company to thrive ask for Joey’s help and tell them I sent you!"
Scott Pepper
Executive V.P / Pepper Construction
"Ed Miniat and South Chicago Packing truly value their employees and believe that part of exemplifying that includes offering health benefits to them. We want to educate them on the importance of all aspects of health including proper diet and nutrition. We had the pleasure of hosting Joey Thurman for a health talk that included information on how to determine exactly how many calories your body burns and needs in a day, making proper food choices including restaurants in our surrounding area, popular diets and fads, nutritional timing and myths, and also how to keep motivated. Joey spoke confidently and was able to answer questions as needed. He engaged the crowd in the presentation while also showing professionalism. I would definitely recommend to any business targeting to educate or motivate employees on health and wellness awareness to work with Joey Thurman."
Ed Miniat
Custom Protein Solutions
"To begin your fitness regime and lifestyle renovation with Joey means you’ll grow into the person you’re meant to be. Joey will push you to places you never thought you could go. What is great about him, he’s able to tailor and personalize everything to create the best workout for you which maximizes your time and increases your results. I love working with Joey."
David Sanchez
Owner / 10mgmt Talent Agency