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How to Enjoy Labor Day without the Food Hangover!

How to Enjoy Labor Day without Suffering the ‘Food Hangover’

5 ways how not to feel like you are going in to Labor on Labor Day!

Nothing says the Unofficial End of Summer like a groaning table loaded with goodies like mashed potatoes, casseroles, and of course, plenty of pies. However, most people find that they are the ones groaning at the end of the day as their pants become uncomfortably tight.

Holidays are nuts! As a celebrity fitness trainer, nutrition/lifestyle expert, and author of the book 365 Health and Fitness Hacks That Could Save Your Life. I see this ALL of the time! It combines the worst American cuisine has to offer—carbs, sugar, alcohol, and plenty of encouragement to overindulge. In fact, if you don’t load up your plate and get seconds and thirds, you might endure plenty of nagging from your relatives.”

However, Joey says it is possible to enjoy Labor Day without giving into familial pressure and without undoing all over your hard work at the gym. Here are his tips:

1)      Workout hardcore this week and BEFORE the meal! Do not use the holiday as an excuse to skip the gym. Even if you are traveling, you can always workout. Pack your exercise shoes and go for a run, or get a visitor’s membership at a local gym. Or stay at a hotel with a fitness center or a pool to stay active and keep your metabolism high. We ALL do this, and yes even a “celebrity” fitness expert such as myself! We know we have a bad meal full of delicious sweets and fattening food about to come our way with friends or family that will be all but impossible to stay away from. Yes, you can do everything in your power not to eat this bad meal, but you know that no matter what, that food is going into your belly! So what do you do, burn it off later? No! Try to burn it off before! What? If you work out hard before a bad meal with weight training or some interval training like sprints, jumping rope, or playing a sport, your body will likely utilize the bad food that you eat to replenish your muscle cells, repair your body, and less likely be stored as fat…score!

2)      Refuse to be bullied. “Say it with me: No is a complete sentence!” You don’t have to defend your decision not to eat mashed potatoes or have a second piece of pie. Simply say ‘no’ and move on. If your family member continues to bully you or berate you, move away from them and refuse to engage in the interaction any further. You are an adult—no one can make you eat anything you don’t want to eat.”

3)      Practice gratitude. Remember the reason for the season! Gratitude. Practice gratitude at your holiday meal. When you’re in a head space of thankfulness, it is hard to overeat and punish your body. Instead, you are grateful for your body, your health, and your family. Hence, you are carefully enjoying each bite, taking in every moment with deep pleasure, rather than mindlessly stuffing your face.”

4)      Eat smart. It can be tricky to eat healthy when the weather is nice and food is everywhere you turn, but not impossible. Go for the dark meat chicken! What?! Yes, dark meat is fattier but it will fill you up making you less likely to over indulge on sweets and fries. Try green beans and sweet potatoes for a smart veg (but not the sweet potato concoction with the marshmallows all over it!). If it is a potluck affair, bring a big green salad so that you can fill your plate with greens—you can still make it special by adding seasonal items like cranberries and walnuts. And no rolls! Don’t load up on empty carbs.

5)      Drink smarter. The second you start hitting the sauce, you are going to lose all willpower. Not to mention, there are so many calories in that full bottle of wine that you might be better off just eating a pie! Instead, limit yourself to 1 glass of wine with your meal, and drink green tea or water the rest of the time. You can even make a special infused holiday water with fruit like apples for you and your guests.”

To YOUR health,

Joey Thurman @JoeyThurmanFit

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