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Get fit with Joey
Chicago, IL
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Meet Joey

Healthy For MenI want to take a moment to thank you for having the willingness and courage to make a life altering change……or may I say, a RENOVATION! I’m ecstatic for your future and you should be too! You will learn how to REASSESS to progress with your current lifestyle, hold on to positive aspects of your life and get rid of the toxins that surround you, whether that be negative self-limiting emotions, crap food, or even toxic people, and you must admit you are already thinking of at least one person you would like out of your life right now; caught you, didn’t I?

You will learn:
  • How to clear your mind in order to have a clear path in life!
    What to buy and what not to buy at the grocery store!
  • Discover how food was intended to be eaten to fuel your body with delicious nourishment!
  • You will learn know how to time your food properly to get the most out of your body!
  • Even learn how to “CHEAT-EAT” to actually boost your metabolism to keep that artery clogging, big booty creating, six pack hiding, nasty fat off!

I will debunk all sorts of lifestyle, nutritional, and fitness myths that your grandmother has been passing down for years so you can have a better understanding of the world around you. No grandma, chicken fried in Crisco is not good for you!

You will feel more comfortable going to restaurants because you will learn the proper foods to eat in the right combination to allow for the most nutrient absorption.

I will provide you with LIFE tips and tricks to use daily. I will teach you the best ways to workout efficiently in the limited amount of time in your busy life.

You will learn how to listen to your body and schedule out your day to get the absolute most out of your waking time.

You will even learn how to sleep properly so you can control stress hormone levels, repair your body and mind.

Best yet, you will learn how to happily live your life so you NEVER have to DIET again!
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