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A Paleolithic or Paleo Diet is based on eating modern day foods that mimic foods of our pre Agricultural Revolution (about 333 generations ago). It has also been called the cave man diet because it has the characteristics of hunter – gather diets which are unprocessed “real” foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

How It Works.

There is little starch and NO sugar on this plan. Now, this does not mean that you have to mimic our prehistoric ancestors, but rather their way of eating.

The premise of the Paleo diet is not low calorie or low fat. There is no calorie counting or food weighing. Actually calling it a “diet” at all can be confusing. It is not so much a diet for weight loss but more of a nutritional approach to help to optimize your health, minimize your risk of chronic disease and help you lose weight.

The emphasis is on the quality of foods you consume. You are encouraged to buy local, organic, grass fed foods as much as possible and avoid processed, refined, and packaged foods including grains, legumes, and excess sugar (especially fructose).

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Yes. I want to get started!

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