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Sleep to LOSE weight?!

Better get your beauty rest, make sure to get some rest for the big day tomorrow, sleep well, get some shuteye, and make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep per night! We have all heard why we should get enough sleep, but has any ever told you, “make sure you get enough sleep to lose weight?” What?!

Sleep is more important than we actually think, it can really change the way you look….and not just by getting rid of those baggy eyes! By getting enough sleep we can actually lose a higher percentage of body fat than if we didn’t sleep that much.

A recent study looked at people who slept 8-8.5 hours a night vs people who slept for about 5 hours a night. The participants had the exact same diet, calories, carbs, protein, and fats. The participants were studied for 3 months and the results were staggering! During the study ALL participants lost 6.6lbs, now I know what you are thinking, soooo sleep doesn’t matter, yeah! Wrong! Out of the 6.6lbs lost the group who slept 8 hours a night lost 50% fat and 50% lean mass (body fat weight from total body weight) the participants who slept 5 hours a night lost 20% fat and 80% lean mass!

Let me break this down for you, the group who didn’t sleep as long lost 80% lean mass which means they lost the majority of their weight muscle tissue! When we lose muscle we in turn lower our metabolism, that’s NOT a good thing! The more muscle we have the higher our metabolism will be and the higher percentage of fat we are able to burn and utilize as energy!

Now with any study we need to take this with a grain of salt, you can still lose “good” weight by not sleeping 8 hours a night, and you can also gain weight by sleeping a lot. Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, genetics, and an entire list of things can come into play. In general try to sleep as much as you can, eat clean, exercise, and try to stress less!

Yours in health,

Joey Thurman

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